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The UK Home Secretary, at the forefront of the government’s efforts to curb legal and illegal immigration, has achieved significant results. The number of visas has seen a sharp decline, and the first batch of illegal immigrants earmarked for deportation has been apprehended. The latest monthly visa figures underscore the Home Secretary’s comprehensive reforms to address unsustainable levels of legal migration, which are already yielding substantial results. These changes have led to a 24% reduction in visa applications along key routes in the first quarter of 2024, compared to the previous year.

The government has swiftly implemented its innovative strategy to deter illegal crossings and discourage risky journeys across the channel. The initial group of migrants, slated for repatriation to Rwanda, is currently under detention following a series of coordinated actions by Immigration Enforcement nationwide. The first migrant who voluntarily returned to Rwanda was successfully relocated. In the wake of discussions with government ministers and officials, major food delivery services have committed to enhancing their app security checks to prevent the exploitation of the market by illegal workers.

The UK is making its immigration system better and stronger. Compared to last year, the number of dependent students has dropped by almost 80%. As part of the government’s plan to protect the standard and dignity of UK higher education and ensure it works for the good of the UK, the Migration Advisory Committee will finish its quick review of the Graduate Route. Because the government wants to stop all legal immigration, 300,000 people who came last year would not be able to return under the new rules.

After the Safety of Rwanda Act became law and the Treaty with Rwanda was signed, the Home Office moved quickly to arrest and hold the first group of refugees who would be sent back to Rwanda. Prepare to safely send them to Rwanda, where they can rebuild their lives. As part of the Migration and Economic Development Partnership, the government can now send people who don’t have the right to stay in the UK to Rwanda on their own.

Evidence of progress comes as the government’s larger plan to stop illegal immigration keeps working. There were 49% more police visits, more than twice as many arrests, and two-thirds more people returned to the UK illegally in 2023 than the previous year. The number of small boat crossings dropped by a third.

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