New Immigration Salary ListNew Immigration Salary List

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has been commissioned to review the new immigration salary list rapidly. This review comes in response to concerns raised by various stakeholders about the impact of the new salary thresholds on different sectors of the economy.


In December 2020, the UK government introduced a new points-based immigration system, which included a revised salary threshold for skilled workers coming to the country. Under the new system, skilled workers must earn a minimum of £25,600 per year to be eligible for a visa. However, there are exceptions for certain professions and occupations deemed to be in shortage.

Employers and industry representatives expressed concern about the new system’s potential negative effects on industries like agriculture, hospitality, and the healthcare sector. These sectors heavily rely on migrant workers, many of whom earn salaries below the threshold.

MAC’s Role

The Migration Advisory Committee is an independent body that advises the UK government on immigration matters. It is responsible for assessing the impact of immigration on the labour market and making recommendations for policy changes.

In this case, the MAC has been tasked with conducting a rapid review of the new immigration salary list to assess its impact on different sectors. The review will consider the specific needs and characteristics of each industry and identify any potential adjustments that may be required to ensure the smooth functioning of these industries.

Objectives of the Review

The MAC’s rapid review aims to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Assess the impact of the new immigration salary list on different sectors of the economy.
  2. Identify any unintended consequences of the salary thresholds and their implications for specific industries.
  3. Recommend any necessary adjustments to the salary thresholds to address the concerns raised by stakeholders.
  4. Ensure that the immigration system supports the needs of the UK economy while also considering the interests of domestic workers.

Consultation Process

The MAC will consult to gather input from various stakeholders, including employers, industry representatives, trade unions, and other relevant organizations. This will enable the committee to collect various perspectives and insights to inform its review.

The consultation process will include meetings, interviews, and the collection of written submissions. The MAC will also consider existing evidence and research on the impact of salary thresholds on different sectors.

Timeline and Recommendations

The MAC has been instructed to conduct a rapid review and provide its recommendations to the UK government as soon as possible. The complexity of the issues and the need for in-depth analysis will determine the review’s timeline.

Once the review is complete, the MAC will submit its recommendations to the UK government. These recommendations will inform any necessary adjustments to the immigration salary list, considering the specific needs and concerns of different sectors.


The rapid review of the new immigration salary list by the Migration Advisory Committee is a crucial step in ensuring that the UK’s immigration system supports the needs of the economy while addressing the concerns of various industries. By engaging in a consultation process and considering a wide range of perspectives, the MAC aims to provide recommendations that balance the interests of employers, migrant workers, and domestic workers.

It is expected that the review will lead to adjustments in the salary thresholds to accommodate the specific requirements of sectors heavily reliant on migrant labour. The ultimate goal is to maintain the smooth functioning of these industries while ensuring fair treatment for all workers.

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